Low Profile Hangerless

Hangerless Span-Track delivers all the benefits of Span-Track’s full width roller advantage*. The roller track contains a patented notch and engineered extrusions which are secured atop the inside step on rolled form pallet rack beams eliminating the need for hangers.

Ideal Applications

The hangerless design keeps all the carton flow components inside the pallet rack structure and is ideal for customers who have pick to light order picking systems or a labeling system mounted to the face of the beam.

Flexibility and Safety

The Hangerless Span-track extrusions are adjustable (amt. adj) and run the full width of the roller track. This ensures that the track is always in contact with the pallet rack beam distributing the load of the carton flow lane along the entire width of pallet rack beam and not point loaded on each end of the track. This also ensures the roller track remains secured to the pallet rack beam when side to side movement occurs. These design features make our hangerless Span-Track the safest hangerless carton flow on the market.