Safety Gate

High Pallet Pivot Model

  • The High Pallet Pivot mezzanine safety gate can accommodate pallet loads up to 80” tall while creating a fully-enclosed controlled access area that maintains a safe environment at all times.
  • The two gates are interconnected and counterbalanced for fingertip operation.
  • The framework consists of fourteen pivot points that allow the gates to ergonomically move up and over tall pallet loads. The gate portions consist of five rails that provide full closure from 42” to the floor.
  • The Pivot Model is available in painted or stainless steel as well as in aluminum. It is ideal for hostile environments like chemical or food processing plants.
  • With few moving parts, stainless steel models can withstand hot and cold climates, freezer applications and frequent rinsing.
  • Available in two stock sizes for a single or double pallet width and can be custom made to fit specific applications.
  • An ergonomic soulution, the Pivot Model is designed to fit any safety budget.


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